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PRL-430N/430P/430LP Dual Channel Differential ECL/PECL/LVPECL Receivers

Mini Modular Instruments > Differential Line Drivers > PRL-430


  • Converts Single-ended Input Signals into Differential Signals for driving long lines
  • Ideal for receiving Differential Signal from Long Lines
  • 1 PPS/IRIG-B Line Driver
  • Converts GHz Sine Wave Signals into Differential ECL/PECL/LVPECL Signals
  • An Essential Lab Tool for Working with GHz ECL/PECL/LVPECL Circuits

PRL-430N- Qty:   @ $650/ea.
PRL-430P- Qty:   @ $650/ea.
PRL-430LP- Qty:   @ $650/ea.
Don't forget mating cables.


  • 3 GHz typ. fMAX
  • Single-ended or Differential Inputs
  • Internal 50 Ω/-2 V Input Terminations also accept Sinewave or AC coupled signals
  • Complementary Outputs drive 50 Ω loads terminated to -2 V
  • DC Coupled I/O Compatible with ECLinPS or 100 kH Devices
  • SMA I/O Connectors
  • Ready-to-Use 1.3 x 2.9 x 2.2-in. Module includes a -±8.5 V AC/DC Adapter


The PRL-430N is a dual channel, differential/ single-ended input ECL receiver module with complementary outputs. The PRL-430P is the PECL version, and the PRL-430LP is the LVPECL version. They are intended for converting single-ended signals, including GHz sine waves, into differential ECL signals for driving long lines and for receiving differential signals from long lines.

A switch selects either single-ended or differential inputs, as shown in Fig. 1. In the differential input mode, both inputs D and D are terminated internally into 50 Ω/-2 V, and, therefore, either one or both inputs can accept AC coupled signals as well. In the single input mode, signals should be connected to the D inputs only. The D inputs are switched internally to VBB, nominally -1.3 V, and termination resistors RT's for the D input channels are changed to 62 Ω. Complementary outputs of the PRL-430N are designed for driving 50 Ω loads terminated into -2 V. With internal pull-down resistors these outputs can also be AC coupled for driving 50 Ω loads terminated to ground or to other voltages.

The PRL-430N and PRL-430P are housed in a 1.3 x 2.9 x 2.2-in. extruded aluminum enclosures and supplied with a ±8.5 V/1.4 A AC/DC adapter.

Detail | Diagram | Specifications | Datasheet (PRL-430N/430P) | Datasheet (PRL-430LP)